GTA 5 :- Small Mr Bean Mini Cooper Car for Babies [Singleplayer/Fivem Ready]

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Small Mr Bean Mini Cooper  Car for Babies Addon/ Fivem Ready Mod. Now you can enhance your roleplay by adding small Small Mr Bean Mini Cooper Car for Babies to your game. Perfect for toodler ped mods to drive in game. Drive this high quality today!

  • Resized by ‏ : Gta Classic Mods
  • Size‏ : ‎ Small Size Car. Please check:- https://gtaclassicmods.com/gta-5-mods-size-comparison
  • Compatible‏ : ‎Fivem/Singleplayer

Installation Guide


A] Singleplayer [Addon-On]

1) Put the “beancarsmall” folder to: GTA 5modsupdatex64dlcpacks

2) In OpenIV. Now Navigate to: GTA 5modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata
and Edit “dlclist.xml”.

3) In “dlclist.xml” add the new line:

4) Save it in OpenIV

5) Use Menyoo or any other Trainer. Spawn it with name,”beancarsmall”

B] Fivem:-

1) To Install on your FiveM server Drag “beancarsmall” into your Resources folder.

2) Add the following line to your server.cfg “Start beancarsmall”.

3) You can then spawn the model using any Fivem supported Trainer. For ex, Vmenu using the model name “beancarsmall”.


It can be used in GTA 5 Singleplayer as a Add-On. It comes with Fivem ready files and it will work fine in any Fivem server.


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