We at Gta Classic Mods are mostly focused on providing best quality of Toodlers, Kids, Teen ped mods and Mini, Tiny and small car mods for GTA 5/ Fivem.

We started few years back when we learned converting and making 3d characters for GTA 5 for our personal use. We went through lots of errors and headaches throughout this learning process.Which eventually turned into business which was totally unexpected.

We found a way to resize the bones and there’s how newborns,toodlers and kids were born. Demand for them kept growing and people were enjoying roleplaying and playing with them So, we decided to open up our own website. With little knowledge of how all this works and after 1-2 weeks of figuring out the things and by working on it, we finally published our first mod. We kept uploading mods as much as we can in our free time. And today we have lots of them on our website and we will keep uploading them. Recently we decided to add resized car mods to our website to enhance the gameplay further, which will surely add more fun in game.

We will keep bringing up more such funny yet cute mods to bring smiles on your faces when you play with them. Not only the players but also the audiences who watch them on Twitch, Tik-Tok , YouTube and on any other platforms.

We try our level best to keep quality of mods at highest level possible and ensure that the customer gets what he paid for and we will always try to improve the quality further in future.

Lastly, thanks for buying mods from us. It’s because of you all customers we are able to keep going .Your trust and support keeps motivating us everyday.

Finally, Thanks for reading “about us” that was all we know “about us”.