GTA 5 Jewellery Mods :- Drippy Rich Cuban Chain-3 for MP Male [Fivem Ready/Singleplayer]

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We present, Green coloured Glowing Cuban Chain-3 with Drippy Rich Pendant for MP Male and Fivem. It is made up of cuban links of silver/green colour with glowing green and silver diamonds embedded on them, which glows in dark or at night. With a link of cuban’s having alternative green and silver colour . A drippy pendant having word,”RICH” with a glowing green border makes gorgeous at night. It gives your character a new identity in GTA 5 RP!

Best High Quality Cuban Chain Mod For [GTA 5 MP Male/  Fivem]. These Chain Mods are best for Fivem Roleplay and Singleplayer use. Fivem-files included.

  • Modded by ‏ : Gta Classic Mods
  • Compatible‏ : ‎Fivem/Singleplayer


Terms of use

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Installation Guide

Password:- gtaclassicmods

1] After Buying the mod, you have to download it from the link shared with you.
2] Extract the file.

Installation for Fivem: 

1) Drag and Drop the files from Fivem Folder into FiveM Stream folder.


Rename the files according, to your preferences [if you know to rename them properly] and drag and drop them into Fivem Stream.

2) Open the game and wear the chain using menu or wadrobe.

Contact your server owner/admin for putting the chain in if you are buying as a player in a server.

Installation for Singleplayer:

1) Open your OpenIV and go to the following location:


2) Drag and drop the files inside the Singleplayer folder into it.

3) Start the game. With any trainer change your model to MP Male and explore the wadrobe options to wear the chain. Enjoy!

If you still need help in figuring out the things, please contact us.


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