GTA 5 :- Baby Female 19 A + 1 More Colour [Singleplayer/Fivem Ready]


Baby Female 19A Addon/ Fivem Ready Mod For GTA 5. Baby Mod best for fivem roleplay and singleplayer use. Please handle babies with care [please read terms of use]. Baby Female 19A Addon / fivem ped for Gta 5 comes with fivem ready files and default singleplayer files.

  • Modded by ‏ : Gta Classic Mods
  • Size‏ : ‎ Baby Size [Gta 5 size]
  • Compatible‏ : ‎Fivem/Singleplayer
  • Gender‏ : ‎Female

Terms of use

Please use this mod sensitively. Please don’t involve violence. This mod must be used delicately and responsibly. This mod is best for roleplay and machinima, if used properly. You may get into trouble if you show such mods in your videos inappropriately. I am not responsible for anything caused due to wrong depiction of such mods and don’t involve me in it. It depends on person who uses such mods. You can handle it with care and you are all good to use it without any trouble.

Installation Guide

Password:- gtaclassicmods

1] After Buying the model, you have to download it from the link shared with you
2.] Install AddonPeds Mods From https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/addonpeds-asi-pedselector
3] Add all the main files in :- [use Open IV]
4}Run AddonPedsEditor.exe as admin and add ped to the list. Add same name written on main files.

Start your game and enjoy!

How to change cloth colour?

Option 1 :- You can just install Baby Female 19A
File and you can change the cloth colour in game
by opening any of the menu and navigating to
player and then go to head and change the
texture. And the clothes will be changed.

Option 2 :- You can install both the files Baby
Female 19 A and Baby Female 19A1 and change
whole character in game with different clothes.

For any queries you can contact us at :- https://gtaclassicmods.com/contact-us
Can Join us on Discord at :- https://discord.gg/8bcBvD2fe4


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